Covid Wayfinding
The goal for this project was to create a new wayfinding system for groceries stores to use during the global pandemic. 
To get around the store, customers will need a shopping cart, but it’s hard to keep track of which ones are clean and which ones are dirty. Using what used to be the cart return in the parking lot turned into a new area to show which carts and clean and dirty. Upon entering the store customers grab a cart from the clean section and while leaving put it back in the dirty section.
While browsing down the aisles it’s important to make sure customers are going the designated way. To try to enforce customers going the right way at the start and end of every aisle there is a mat with a small bump. The bump is just large enough to get the cart's wheel stuck if someone tries to go the wrong way but small enough no one will trip.
This mural is a combination of a bunch of the icons used in the project. Being a visualization of everyone talking about invisible disabilities while grabbing peoples attention. They might not know what they are when they're walking by but they'll be intrege enough to learn more. 
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