Invisible Disabilities 
The goal for this project was to create a type only activism project. I choose to do mine on invisible disabilities and the idea that there's a stigma about talking about them. Something that can get people talking about disabilities without being condescending and open to the idea of learning about them. 
Each design is broken up into 4 parts. The disability name, the pronunciation/type of disability it is, a quick definition and the icon. Since this is about creating conversation it's not a fully detailed summary of what each disability is but instead something easy to digest and can get people asking questions. 
This projects demographic was anyone in Vermont, with no specific age range. People in certain age groups tend to stick to one or two social media options so I choose to do Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Choosing just one would make it more likely to leave out a group of people and this way if someone is on social media it's more likely to reach them. 
These are a business/flashcard type of thing. Mainly for the ease of spreading around and getting the conversation going when people see them and ask 'what's this. There are a brail and a non-brail option. It's important to have both because brail is helpful for those with visual impairments but can be distracting to someone with a reading disability or uses a scan to read app. This way it can be assessed by as many people as possible. ​​​​​​​
This mural is a combination of a bunch of the icons used in the project. Being a visualization of everyone talking about invisible disabilities while grabbing peoples attention. They might not know what they are when they're walking by but they'll be intrege enough to learn more. 
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